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The best thing about being a photographer is working with smiling faces!
I love that when I go to work, everyone is smiling. As a full time certified photographer, this is more than just a passion for me. It's what keeps me going, energizes me day by day, and it is what pays the bills. That means that you will only get my best effort!

Born in the North of Ireland I grew up in Canada - in Guelph, Ontario mostly. My life has led me to live in many places across our great country - Guelph, Fort Erie, Toronto, Montreal, Prince Rupert and Prince George (BC), Chatham, Fergus, Cambridge and now Elmira. It has been an adventure - which isn't over yet!

Having had careers as a Pastor and as a Network Administrator, and now

as a full time photographer, I understand and work well with both people

and the technology needed to capture great images. I'm also familiar with the stress of getting the job done right, when the moment requires quick action.

I love to capture moments that mean the most in people's lives; moments that

come only once in a lifetime. Whether it be your wedding or your family

at different stages of their development.

Wherever your life is taking you, I'd love to capture your smile -
because these moments are forever!

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Based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 519-575-3282

We are local.

Kitchener - Waterloo - Cambridge - Guelph - Elmira

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